One of my fondest memories from my childhood is the sweet smell of sheets and clothes just brought in from a clothesline in the sun. It’s springtime and the bees are enjoying the clover blossoming nearby. A gentle breeze is blowing. An ideal day for hanging out…..


And I have carried this joyful practice with me through the years. As soon as I settle, up goes a clothesline, if there is not one already there. And I often gift friends with little lines in sunny pockets of their home space. There’s also always a drying line somewhere near my washer, or a rack to put things on hangers – sometimes a folding wooden rack.P1120943 In Europe and many other countries, they wisely have a rack on a pulley in the laundry room or over a stove – part of it may be screened, for laying out delicate sweaters, and some are just wooden dowels in a light frame – able to be let down to fill and then elevated to the warmth of the ceiling out of the way. What a great idea, one I have been creating when possible since I first saw a woman do this in her lovely Boulder, Colorado, mountain home years ago! She said she learned it from a visit to Scandinavia….


Oh sure, if I have an enormous load of wash on a rainy day, I use the simple dryer I have, but on most other days, I enjoy the process of hanging clothes on the line. Even in the winter, they freeze dry and are even cleaner and fresher. On those days, I often tuck them in the  dryer for a few final minutes of moisture release and warmth for folding.


I’ve been traveling internationally to learn, explore and teach healthy / sustainable living these last few years. Being a lover of this magnificent Earth, it’s a joy to see more of her land and meet her varied peoples. A couple years ago, I had left my orchard garden home (with it’s clothesline over the radiant flowers) to live in Ecuador for the winter, and then journey on through many European and UK countries into the spring.

8c3720fefe54563c1a92b691b0e622dfMy little cottage in Ecuador behind my sister’s home had the perfect outdoor setup for the climate which ranged from 65-80 degrees all year round – a concrete washing station with a scrub board built right in. I have always had my own little, old-fashioned wood and glass scrub board, which is wonderful for hand washing, so this was great setup! A handle on the side turned on fingers of water that came from the high side of the angled wash board, giving plenty of handy water for washing, and then drained out the bottom. When the washing was done, right beside it were several short lines for hanging – all this behind a pretty brick wall next to my back-yard cottage. I was in heaven!!


Then going on to Europe on a rainy and chilly spring, I was interested to see that no one, no matter when, used a dryer!  Clothes blew happily on country lines, and waved above in the narrow, winding streets of Italian villages; gave color and movement to a backyard on the Scots highland coast – sheets blowing in the wind like Tibetan prayer flags!  Even in the up-scale, gorgeous home where I stayed in Cannes on the French Riviera, my friend unfolded her drying racks outside on sunny days, and inside on rainy ones! Some homes had driers but just didn’t use them unless there was an emergency need.


Wow, seeing this I began to realize how much power and energy we spend in the United States for drying our clothes, since heating anything takes enormous amounts of power! I began to think that we could probably light a city and save a nuclear plant’s construction just by getting more conscious about drying our clothes. Such a simple thing, yet Americans use all that power without blinking an eye!


Because my car was stored in another city than the airport, I stayed for several days upon my return with a wonderful family in the university area of Missoula – a very awake and conscious place, I thought. Needing to wash out a few small and delicate things from the flight, I hand-washed them, and looked for the clothesline. I had seen the monster washer and dryer in the basement, which in bright new red took up half a room – didn’t need those energy burners…  Hmmmm, no line to be seen. Maybe she used a portable rack. I asked her where it might be, and she said with an odd energy, ‘’I don’t have one.” “Oh”, I said, somewhat stunned – this totally not what I was accustomed to. I commented on that and she still had an odd look on her face.

When I asked her what was going on,

bcp019-26.jpgshe said, “Clotheslines are illegal here.” I’m sure my jaw dropped, and you could have knocked me over with a feather. “You are kidding, right?”, I queried. “No, the neighborhood voted, and no one wanted to see clothes hanging out on a line.”


I was speechless and felt remarkably much like crying. This was very sad to me. What was wrong with people? What was wrong with clean clothes fluttering in the breeze? This prohibition said something I don’t like to believe about ‘conscious’ Americans – it seems to me many people have lost touch with reality, with simple and elegant ways of living that feel wonderful and at the same time care for the Earth when we are indeed in an energy crisis – building filthy coal plants and dangerous nuclear plants to create the energy that people demand. We don’t even use solar power in the sunny southwest, or wind power in appropriate places, let alone allow the development of even more useful forms of energy.  c886446169754777d30bf43631e01b4d

If I had had a ticket  at that moment, I would have boarded the plane for Ecuador!! What was happening to me was what I call reverse culture shock. Sometimes the radically different ways of living in foreign countries are quite a shock; I was shocked by my own county’s extravagant ways. And when I have tried to talk about it, help people wake up and live a bit more lightly and consciously, I have been met with disdain. It has been most dis-heartening.


I’m writing this, sitting in a sweet backyard of a forest cottage home near a little lake in northern Germany, and yes, my clothes are in the sun on lines right beside me; and solar panels are on every roof.  When I take my things down, I will be rewarded with that lovely smell of sun-dried clothes, not of some strange chemical perfume that is on drier sheets (which, by the way, are some of the most toxic chemicals we can disperse – many of them killing our vital neighbors, the bees, as well as causing health problems for your family  Please check yours, and find a non-poisonous variety in your health food store – or the dryer balls that work well for static.)

I pay a lot of attention to health concerns around the world, and one of the major ones that is causing profound challenges, not only for our environment but for our own and our children’s health, is toxic pollution. Yes, surely some of it comes from industry, yet much of it comes from our everyday life choices – from our cleaning products, out-gassing house construction, lawn sprays, and the pesticides on our food.




So you have an open invitation to become more conscious about these seemingly small things, in a movement of blessing for your own life and in conscious service  to all the life around you. 



Here’s to your health and the fresh smell of sheets dried on the line in the sun of a spring day — and happy bees and butterflies in the flowers around you!!  P1030328



PS: Here’s starter kit, an easy solution, and also a bit more sophistated model! 73c1b21fd6aa4fd0f8dbf25722257486






Going Astray…..


I’m driving down through old Crow Indian country, south of the Yellowstone River and north of Yellowstone Park on a beautiful spring day. Montana has an 80 mile an hour speed limit, and I am taking advantage of it to make good time going back to our old home ranch on my dad’s original reservation alottment, now Sacred Ground and home to a splendid buffalo herd with tiny new cinnamon-colored babies.  P1110267.JPG

The scenery is enticing, and I find myself wanting to focus on it rather than the road. At 80 miles per hour, it’s clear that even a small amount of inattention could take my flying off the road. So I discipline myself, and when called strongly, I pull over to feast my eyes and breathe the sweet air.

This possibility of going far off course at high speeds, brings to mind the times we are in – leaving behind the old and birthing the new. My guides used a rather humorous metaphor to help us remember a lesson about this changing time. They said that the highest and finest souls from all over the universe are arm-wrestling to get onto Earth in a human body right now! Of course, we were curious about why??????? Let me go back a bit and explain something about the times we are in.

We understand from chaos theory that in order to make a real change, a quantitative leap, the energy must spin to a high pitch which initiates that jump. This is happening now, and we can sometimes feel it ourselves in the old hippy saying, “What goes around, comes around” – our lessons are coming to face us ever more rapidly and intensely. My highest teachers say that the word “atonement” literally means “ at one-ment” – that when we reach that point we’ll have what might be called ‘instant karma’ : whatever energy/vibration/thoughts we put out into the world will manifest instantly – we will be at one with them.

The old souls’ urge to incarnate is thus for two reasons: 1) birthing is a vulnerable and delicate time, with excellent midwives needed, so wise ones are required for it to go well, and 2) when the energy is spinning this fast, anyone who steps in and forward in a powerful and positive way, cleans up centuries of karma.

Ta da…!! WE are the ones who won the arm wrestling, or we wouldn’t be here! At this speed, it behooves you to pay attention to where you are headed, your intention, your focus, your wishes, your thoughts – because they will take you very far in that direction before you can make a correction. Meanness, smallness, hatred, harm, injustice, damage or destruction in any form will be magnified back into your life exponentially. Yet in the same light, cooperation, connection, caring, love, kindness, compassion, nurturing, support, and joy will also be magnified for you, and of course, for your world. In this time, you can make a powerful difference.

Studies show,that our attention wanders from 50 – 80% of the time, often straying into negativity – past wrongs or hurts as well as future worries and fears. So you must awaken the spiritual warrior within you who practices the focus of attention, and then choose well. One of the first lessons in many spiritual traditions is about the conscious focusing of attention. It’s a worthy practice for us all. My sister-friend Tanah at Sacred Ground reminded me that high ones say it only takes THREE people, holding constant focus on something, to change the whole world!  A worthy task….

Much of my current work, in groups or powerful private sessions click , is about how to keep the positive resource of good energy in your life as a baseline. It is a service, certainly to yourself, and as well, echoes sweetly into this world so in need.

Thus, I urge you to be mighty attentive and very careful about the current ease of going astray. THE SPIRITUAL WARRIOR CHOOSES – choose well!

For All My Relations,  Brooke

Love is the Circle

I write this as part of my meditation on comments from my students in Path of the Heart workshops, who say that we can’t be only loving (and implied, nice) all the time because there are other emotions that are valid and must be experienced. I think this concern comes out of a lack of understanding of the kind of love I wish to communicate. 
LOVE is not an emotion or an action.Perhaps it could be described as a circle around the emotions, which holds all of them. It is different qualitative level than emotions in that it is not opposite of, or similar to, or in contrast to any of them within the circle. LOVE is present no matter what emotion is being experienced. For example, one can hold higher Love for another and yet be enraged with that person’s harmful behavior. 
LOVE isn’t an action or an attitude, like “being nice”.  It is the energy of Creator and creation – the energetic matrix of which we are made. In contrast, emotions come from a small part of our brain – the mid or mammalian brain. Yes, there are certainly emotions and physical feelings which arise with focus on Loving, but they are not the Love itself. A simple emotion cannot possibly have the healing and transforming power of the essence force of life; and Love does, precisely because it is that.
Maybe a way of alluding to it is that Love creates a deep and abiding JOY, different from feeling good which gives us happiness ,and feeling bad which makes us sad.  It comes from something deeper than the daily experience of life – it is the essence of life beyond time and space. It is present whether or not we are conscious of it, because Creator is pouring it into us without limit at every moment.
So Love is not a choice, since we are made of it and continually filled with it. The choice comes in whether or not we acknowledge it and awaken to its power as we consciously use it for ourself and others. Just like we have a hand whether we think about it or not, it becomes powerful only as we awaken it’s capacity by using it. So Love is a power meant to be used to transform and uplift our lives and all of creation around us.   Aho, midtak oyasin, All My Relations! 
~~ Brooke Medicine Eagle, Rennes le Baines, southern France 2016

Rising Feminine / Love Action

This was written for publicity in England and UK:

We are in the time of the Rising Feminine. Male elders from primary traditions around the world have in the past few decades handed the wands of power to females. Those seers among us observe the uplifting energy of NURTURING and RENEWING from where it has been resting deep in the Earth – pushing up before it all energies of a different or contrary nature, and thus we see more hatred, anger, prejudice, misogeny, greed and other destructive energies right now than have been evident for a very long time. And yet even the Dalai Lama has reminded us that Western women will be “the saving of the world”. My friend Vicki Noble and her colleagues suggest that a matri-focal (mother and child centered) way is the only thing that can save humanity and turn around the social, economic, ecological and political crises we find ourselves in.

And, in reference to the negative and dark energy we now see so evident, high guidance tells me that we have all agreed to go through this time in order that these hidden, unworkable energies can be seen in the light of day and cleared. My prayers are directed to supporting the rising positive Feminine energies, and toward clearing and releasing the negative – rather than engaging with them in anger or depression.

It’s important to acknowledge the reality of what is happening and take positive, loving action when possible, yet not be dragged into the downward vortex of the negative. Long have spiritual traditions asked us to pray for those who would do harm – bless their hearts and souls in order to invite loving, caring energy to come forth. We all know that wrestling with demons only makes them stronger; yet perceiving their soul essence without judgement and asking for their upliftment into the light can bring positive vibration to both them and you.

An “action” to take, every moment of the day you can remember, is to find a loving feeling in your heart and send it forth into your world. The charge of the Piscean Age in which we are living is learning to “walk the path with heart” – to let all the energy that comes to us from Father Spirit and Mother Earth be distributed through the heart.

This is not as difficult as we have been told. Simply take time in your quiet moments to remember a moment when you felt truly loved or loving – whether with your baby child, a friend, a partner, a pet, a beautiful sunset  – and notice (track) how your body knows it is feeling love – it’s not just an idea or emotion, but also a bodily feeling; and the latter is what you want to learn to bring into yourself with ease. Then as you walk through your day, do your work, interact with people intimately or on the street, bring that feeling of love into your body and send it out to everything and everyone in your world through your heart. It not only helps your own brain and body to feel and function better, it also gives each person or thing around you a kind of vital energy for living well. It feels good and it doesn’t cost you a thing, so be grandly generous with it. Creator and Mother Earth are pouring love and support into your body at all times, and the more you give away, the more pours in.

This love is a baseline for the answer to many of our challenges. It gives us courage to care for others – ‘courage’ meaning to be full-hearted and strong. Love is something given you as the essence of yourself; it can never be taken from you if you consciously find in in yourself and share it with others. Give it a try, and be a beacon of caring in this challenging moment in history.

Everything is Connected…

P1010040.JPGThis morning I’m attempting to create separate categories for this journal, and I find it difficult since everything is in fact connected. When I look at a scene like this, how can I not feel that there is a immense and magnificent Spirit in all things Earthly?  A profound aspect of what i want to share here is the wholeness, the interconnectedness, the Holiness of everything – Spirit ALIVE in Mother Earth, in All Our Relations, in YOU.

We must learn that our strength and the answers to our most challenging questions lie in our sensitivity to all that is around us. White Buffalo Calf Woman reminded us that “whatever we do to any other thing or being, we do to ourselves, for we are One”. Now quantum physics has caught up with that ancient understanding and speaks of the unified field that not only connects and enlivens everything, but as well, allows communication without regard to time and space. So stand solid on the ground today and feel yourself connected. Sense what my elders called Mother’s Mind – the “Earth” center just below your naval, where luminous fibers connect you (and everything else on this amazing home planet) directly to the heart of the Mother Gaia. Walk into your day grounded in the unifying sensitivity that joins you with everything else that is connected there, as well as the profound wisdom that is available.  

Another day in Paradise!! 


This journal tracks what I am exploring and learning, and of course, wanting to share. I know that as more of us awaken, arise and act in a felt experience of Love and Lightness, we will allow Mother Earth to be uplifted into her role as Lady Gaia – home for harmony, peace, abundance and the richness of shared life-fulfillment with All Our Relations.
You’ll find wide-ranging topics from Earth-based spirituality to cutting-edge brain research; sustainable-living skills to health practices; and more.  Plus, I’ll give you exercises and experiences when I can. Always included will be lots of photos of the places on this sweet planet that I am touching in my exploration of world citizenship and sharing….
MY INTENTION IS TO INFORM, INSPIRE, ENCOURAGE AND ACTIVATE YOU! Won’t you join me on this amazing journey?