Embracing Radical Change

Brooke202 - Version 3

In such intense times –  socially, economically, spiritually, morally – we must have truly radical change to create the transformation that is required.  In this international summit interview, Jocelyn Mercado and I talk about such agents of change. 
The most radical thing, although it seems remarkably simple, is for us to know and EXPERIENCE our Oneness with all things. It’s not so easy; I know this myself. I have been working with White Buffalo Calf Woman’s teaching of wholeness and holiness for most of my adult life, and yet my mind, as all human minds, cannot really accept this concept and certainly has difficulty with a true experience of it, upon which to base behavior and action. 
This unified field, as science calls it, must be the baseline of our actions. It’s not just about kindness, cooperation, sharing, caring, loving, supporting – which are our highest values – but it it also about how we manifest a world that works for every one of us. 
When we understand that the qualities of the great Mother/Father energy that birthed us live within us, it creates a radical change. We begin to understand that our true nature is love, compassion, wholeness, and the ability for positive creation beyond our wildest imagination. 
My experiences at my old home ranch, Sacred Ground International, on the Crow reservation, are informing and transforming me – especially relationships and learning from the buffalo herd, whose deep intelligence is transforming the land and life around them. I tell stories from those experiences in this talk. 
I hope you can take time to listen. I’d love to receive your comments.  
Click Here to Listen to Brooke and Jocelyn





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