Restorying Life

I recently had the joy of a good visit with friend and colleague Gen Boast on her RESTORYING LIFE podcast. It seemed like we covered a lot of territory in that half hour, focused on the evolving shape of the feminine and masculine energies in the world.
Starting it off with a joyful true story of finding two beautiful little springs, pouring pure water into a canyon stream there at Sacred Ground, I spoke at  length about the nurturing and renewing power of the Feminine, and how we can move into the flow of the rising Feminine which has been declared by primary tribes around the world. In my younger days I vision quested under the Sacred Hat Lodge of the Cheyenne people, guided by the amazing elder called The Woman Who Knows Everything! That experience awakened me to a deeper sense of the feminine than I had developed as a tom-boy tough, hard-working ranch girl on the reservation.
More awakening came while living in San Francisco in the 70’s in the midst of upsurging feminism and women’s power movements. The challenge we had then, and now, is that we have lived for thousands of years under the patriarchy and a masculine force that has often become degraded and destructive. Some women thought that putting on men’s clothes and pushing themselves into higher levels of the work force was feminine power – not so, yet we didn’t have much other model.
Now we are beginning to understand that the Feminine is a very opposite kind of empowerment – totally different than push and force. Everything was birthed into this world by the Divine Feminine, Great Mother, whose love, caring, creation from nothing, and support of ongoing Life lives in us as well. Allowing ourselves to drop into that dark womb of creation, to still ourselves and listen to the great voices of harmony that guide us, is not an easy thing in this world of doing – where quietness, being, meditating, resting into moontime days, and honoring the womb of life is not only denigrated but often suppressed.
So we speak of the evolving Feminine, and also the positive Masculine – Holy Cowboys and Native Warrior Chiefs.  I share about oxytocin-based cultures of equality and gifting. And encourage us all to hold strong to the reality of the Golden Dream we carry, seeing this world around us as passing and a new world emerging through our conscious commitment to nurturing and renewing the world.
I think you will enjoy and learn from this short podcast:

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