THE WHOLE AND HOLY TRUTH my best talk ever!!

BME_BJ_ 4:23:18'

Art by Rogue Guiry Simpson



I recently had the pleasure of doing  an interview with Jocelyn Mercado on her very special summit entitled REMEMBERING THE TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE.  It gave me an opportunity to share about something very powerful  – the essence of White Buffalo Calf Woman’s teachings. For those of you who do not know, she is the holy woman who came to a group of Lakota peple, bringing the sacred pipe, the Chanupa, and the profound teachings of Holiness.
In this talk, I tell the story of her coming, with its many teachings, and have time to focus on the primary one: that we are One with All Things – a holy perspective – and that we must walk with this truth in our attention if we are to walk in a harmonious and sustainable manner on this Earth. It’s a teaching that is vitally important to us two-legged as we face the environmental, social, political and other critical challenges we have created.  Interestingly enough, modern physics is coming to the same understanding that she offered generations ago. And it is time for us to realize the power and possibility of them.
As with all things that draw my interest, her holy ways are not “just” spiritual, and are certainly not separate from our daily lives – they awaken and empower us in every moment. In one of the best talks I have ever given, I outline some basic principles and the application and usefulness of them in your life – as best I can do in an hour. I share practical techniques  which are the basis of manifesting a full and rich life, and are the same underlying principles within all true religions.
You are invited to spend an hour with me. I think it will serve you well.
Click Here for the Replay Recording –
Remembering the Truth of Who We Are with Jocelyn Mercado 2018
BME_BJ_ 4:23:18'
In my private and group work, I can help you deepen into these ways that will be very helpful in your life!  Contact me to visit about the possibilities.

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