The Foundation of Transformation

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The Foundation of Transformation 
I’ve spent my life searching for ways to transform the old negative patterns and craziness that was picked up by most of us in our childhoods. I think of a New Yorker cartoon showing a huge auditorium with a banner “People with Totally Happy Childhoods”. There are 3 people among the many hundreds of empty seats! 😉  It is a somewhat humorous reminder that almost all of us have had challenges of one kind or other growing up – whether we are rich or poor, city or country, only children or one of many. Perhaps it is just how being human goes, and we are meant to transform those difficulties into strength and wisdom, clearing the way to offer our precious and rare gifts to the world.
Too often we get stuck in our heads and our emotions, even when we consciously work on these issues – on our own or with a therapist. I want to suggest that the foundation of our transformation lies in the BODY, in the ancient brain where there are powerful tools to help us truly clear the old and thus be able to move forward into a positive future.
Recently I gave a talk for an international summit called Wonder Quest, in which we were asked to provide positive and useful tools for listeners. I chose this theme, and I think you will find it very useful to listen to what I have shared.
Please leave comments or questions here. I also do private sessions to catalyze your wholeness with the kind of techniques I present in the talk. For more information on those, see Private Work with Brooke 
In this present world where we are asked to meet enormous and critical challenges to our life on Earth, having all our resource available is vitally important. I hope this information is useful to you in creating a better life for yourself, as well as making a positive difference in the world.
 Click Here to listen to the 2018 Wonder Quest Online Event Replay

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